History of Kendal Putting

Kendalians have been putting since the early 1930′s, during the growth in popularity of golf in the days of Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones Jr. and Henry Cotton.

The original putting green, situated in Miller Field between Aynam Road and the River Kent, was run by Kendal Borough Council.

A singles knockout cup started in 1933 and was played until the war. It was reintroduced in 1962 and is still played as an open competition.

Shortly thereafter, a singles league was developed. Then, from an idea by Kevin White, a league for teams was introduced. This in turn led to the formation of Kendal Putting Association (K.P.A) in 1966 and grew from strength to strength.

In the early 1970′s the river widening scheme meant that the putting green had to be moved. It was relocated to the present site on Gooseholme, and took effect for the 1974 season. At the same time K.P.A took over the day to day running of the green.

Since 1966, Kevin has voluntarily organised and run the league and the various competitions which have been introduced subsequently, and has run the green in association with numerousenthusiasts both past and present.

Kevin and the committee are very proud of our unparalleled history, and K.P.A. have been described by the Guinness Book of Records as a “unique organisation”. As far as we know, the putting league is the only one of its kind in the world.

The Association welcomes locals and visitors to Kendal alike. The Association also invites entries of teams for the league, the closing date for which is normally by early April. Matches are arranged with the opposing captain at a mutually convenient time on a weekly basis.

All but one individual competition is open to anyone and, for most, there are handicaps available. Details of all events can be found in the hut.